The Melvin Williams Group (Smithdale, Mississippi) creates a raw and high-energy sound that is uplifting and inspiring. GRAMMY® Award nominee Melvin Williams, and his group bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary gospel music. This ensemble infuses its music with gospel, soul, jazz, hip hop, and classical selections. The Melvin Williams Group delivers emotion filled performances in all of its shows. The group is inspired by the opportunity to share its passion for traditional gospel and other music to all audiences.

MELVIN WILLIAMS (VOCALS) has one of the most distinctive gospel voices in the music industry. For over 50 years, he has performed as part of the world renowned group, The Williams Brothers. Williams’ older brothers performed as the famed gospel quartet The Jackson Southernaires, and in 1960 his father organized the younger siblings to form The Williams Brothers. The group has been nominated for six GRAMMY® Awards, and has shared the stage with talented artists including Al Green, Patti LaBelle, Steve Winwood, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, and others. Williams combines gospel, soul, jazz, and hip hop in all his performances, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary gospel music. Williams’ self-penned “Cooling Water” remained on the Billboard charts for over 100 weeks and is one of the most popular requested songs by audiences nationwide.

ANDRE L. TATE (VOCALS) has been singing and playing music for 25 years. Born in Houston, Texas, his music career started while singing with his family group, the Tate Family. Taught to play numerous instruments by his father, his professional career started when he joined the Wonderful Harmonizers, The Bolton Brothers and later The Williams Brothers. Tate has collaborated with Shirley Caesar, Kenny G, Cissy Houston, Stevie Wonder, Spanky Williams, Brandy, and other notable musicians. Tate’s vocal contributions featured on two GRAMMY® Award nominations with The Williams Brothers and two Stellar Awards for Melvin Williams’ duet and solo albums.

BRIDGET FLEURY (PERCUSSION, PIANO & GUITAR) grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, with a love of jazz, gospel, and contemporary music. For 20 years she has worked with jazz and gospel groups including The Ken Chaney Experience, the late Art Porter, The Williams Brothers, and Lee Williams. Fleury produced The Williams Brothers’ “Still Here” music video and GRAMMY® Award nominated song, Melvin Williams’ Stellar Award nominated “Another Blessing” music video, and the Melvin Williams live recordings Crazy Like Love and Love Like Crazy. Fleury also served as Executive Producer for Stellar Award and Soul Train Award nominated artists Tracy Worth and Leanne Faine through her independent record label, Serenity Entertainment. She owns an entertainment management firm called Bridget Fleury & Associates. Fleury continues to collaborate with The Melvin Williams Group creating and delivering both traditional and global gospel music.

CASTRO COLEMAN (GUITARIST AND VOCALS) has been playing music since the age of six. Throughout his career, Coleman has been a member of several bands, and each group has played a major role in forming his unique musical style. Influences include The Williams Brothers, Grace Cain, My “Paw Paw” Louis Coleman, Neo Soul, and BlackStreet. He has also collaborated with Texas Boyz, Neal Roberston, Stan Jones, Yolanda Adams, Rance Allen, and many more. He owns his own record label called Baby Boy Records and leads his quartet group Castro Coleman & Highly Favored. Coleman’s lead guitar collaborations have earned him two GRAMMY® Award nominations with The Williams Brothers and a Stellar Award nomination for Melvin Williams’ solo album.